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Btssb Muffler
Tenma, Monster
Hi Silentshadow90, here are the pictures we discussed on Lacemarket. I hope you can see what I mean by pink stains!


Metamorphose Shirring Blouse
Johan Liebert
:) Black Meta shirring blouse that I'd like to sell. Sorry for the poor quality of lighting/coloring; it's night where I live so it's really hard to photograph dark-colored things well enough that the details show up. The sleeves have little detachable bows on the wrists and are themselves detachable; the front frill with the larger ties is also detachable. The lace on this is really nice! Overall, a great blouse, but I just have another black one that I like better.

The size is pretty much free since this blouse is fully shirred and the sleeves are elasticated.

Price: $50+shipping, OBO.


Wig (worn)
Johan Liebert
Here it is! Once again, sorry for poor picture quality and the blurred face! If you need a better picture, feel free to ask. Also note: I haven't trimmed the bangs on this yet, so the bangs are slightly long.

blurred face

Olive Green IW OP
Johan Liebert
Here's a proof photo of it! Sorry that it isn't all by itself in the photo; I can take a better picture if you so desire it. :)


DS/DT: Meta Vintage Cherry JSK!
Tenma, Monster

Cute, free-size meta dress for under $110!Collapse )

Wonder Rocket Collar (worn)
Tenma, Monster
:D Hi! Here's the really bad picture I have, haha:

MMM jsk and VM headpiece!
Tenma, Monster
:) Hi, here are proof photos!

The set:

Lace closeup:



:) Thanks! If you have any questions, please just ask.

IW Classical Angel/Crown and Keys skirt in brown/cream
Tenma, Monster
Hi! :)

The whole skirt:

Closeup of the print (sorry, I know it's sideways, lol):

Lace closeup (Once again, sideways =3=):

There's a small stain, which I've photographed:

Worn photos of the Meta Floral dress
Tenma, Monster
Heya, here you go! Sorry for the quality of the pictures, but I could only find my cell phone at the moment.

And with a belt!

;---; As you can see, the dress really is quite long on me!

Tenma, Monster
:) Heya, sorry for getting back to you so late! Here are some pictures (sorry for the sideways ones!).

Pink Meta Floral jsk:

AP Memorial Cake jsk:

Floral HeartE jsk:

Also, some IW socks:

And a handmade mint headbow:

:) Tell me if you need any other pictures, or anything!